What Should I Learn After JavaScript?


You just finished learning JavaScript. You now know how the loops work, how to call a function, how HTML and JavaScript work together, and how it functions entirely. Now comes the next question – What’s next? If you cannot choose amongst many options, then fret not. This guide can help you find what you can … Read more

TypeScript vs. JavaScript: Which gives better performance?


JavaScript is a dynamic programming language used for developing web applications, alongside HTML and CSS. TypeScript (TS) is an object-oriented, open-source programming language, strictly syntactical and, as mentioned earlier, a superset of Javascript (JS). It can be termed under functional programming languages too. Programmers often contemplate between TS and JS when they talk about performance. … Read more

Is TypeScript better than JavaScript in 2022?

TypeScript is an object-oriented, open source programming language and an extension of Javascript. Many people in the tech world have discussed, in the past, whether TypeScript is better than JavaScript or not. Before we begin, we must know the differences and similarities between the two programming languages. It is a well-known fact that TS (TypeScript) … Read more

Is TypeScript Worth It In 2022?

TypeScript or TS is a strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript. It is open source and considered object-oriented. Microsoft developed it in 2012, and the main reason for establishing it was to fill the void that JavaScript could not. Some of the code became complex over time; thus, TypeScript came into the picture. … Read more