How long does it take to master JavaScript?

Alex Rivers

Are you thinking of kickstarting a career with JavaScript or just as a hobby to develop cool projects? We’ve got you covered. This blog post will give you a brief idea of how long it will take to master this programming language.

JavaScript, or JS, is a programming (scripting) language used to create animations and add complex features to your web page or the entire website. MDN defines it as ‘the third layer of the layer cake of standard web technologies.’ In web development, especially in frontend development, you will find the three siblings- HTML, CSS, and JavaScript- the main pillars of frontend development.

Prerequisites for learning JavaScript

To learn this programming language, one needs to know the basic programming concepts, computer science knowledge, and a good understanding of HTML and CSS. This much should suffice to begin the language. It is straightforward to learn, making it beginner-friendly. Once you progress, the difficulty might increase. Do not get demotivated; you will eventually get a hold of it.

How long will it take to learn Javascript thoroughly?

If you are thinking of learning it independently, it will take about 6 to 9 months. One cannot rush while learning this. You need to cover many concepts – event handling, functions, loops, function call, and how to integrate JS into HTML and CSS. You also need to be aware of cross-platform functioning and understand API calls. There are a plethora of online courses that teach you JS in a particular timeframe. Some even conduct examinations to test your proficiency. That way, you shall gain credibility.

Also, one must remember that you cannot simply finish learning a language. There will be more advancements and new concepts that you need to be aware of, and it is an ongoing process.


1. Can I learn it in 2 months?

Like we said before, one cannot rush. However, it all depends upon you. You may or may not be able to finish it in 2 months. Getting a good grasp of the language will take more than two months. HTML and CSS will not take more than a month to finish, but JS is more on the higher level, so learning it will take time.

2. How many hours should I spend learning it?

It is best advised to give it at least 2-3 hours daily. You can even go beyond that. Consistency is crucial. And remember – Practice! Practice! and practice! You will understand the language only if you practice it. Try applying those concepts and run your code on an IDE. Seek help online or join a community to get guidance.

3. Is it hard to learn?

Speaking from experience, it is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is beginner-friendly, so you will not struggle to understand it. Did we mention it is honestly enjoyable? Once you see your code executed, the output will make you grin in satisfaction. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your code run and efficiently executed.


Final Thoughts

To sum it up, it is very easy to learn and should take about 6 to 9 months, depending on your pace and skills. So, dive into the ocean of web development and learn JavaScript. After JS, you can also give TypeScript (TS) a shot. It is an extension of JS, and you can also try several JS libraries and frameworks.

Happy Coding!

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