How Much Does Coding Dojo Cost? Is it Worth It?

Alex Rivers

Do you want to learn the latest technical stacks that are in trend in the market and want to try Coding Dojo for that? But, you are not sure of the prices, the time it will take to finish a course and more? Is it even worth it? Don’t worry; you have reached the right place. This article shall cover all the important details you need to know about Coding Dojo. Not only that, we shall also answer some other critical questions.

Let’s dive deep into it.

How Much Does Coding Dojo Cost?

Coding Dojo provides courses related to web development, data science and more. These courses also provide career guidance and mentorship and also claim to have an extensive job network. They provide full-time and part-time programs, depending on your preference. Some are online while some happen on-site.

Registration Process

You need to fill out an online application and submit it. You have to choose the course you wish to pursue. The procedure after filling out the form might differ depending on the course you choose for yourself. Anyone can apply to it, from a complete beginner to an experienced coder.

Pricing Structure

Name of the CourseInformation What Do You Learn
Software Development BootcampCost: $8,995 to $16,495
Mode of Learning: Online, On-site
Time Period: Full-Time, Part-Time
Duration: 16 to 32 weeks for Part-Time Accelerated, 28 weeks for Part-Time Flex
– Basics of Programming
– Frontend Development
– Backend Development
– Web Fundamentals
– Python
– Java
Cybersecurity Part-Time Online BootcampCost: $16,495
Mode of Learning: Online
Time Period: Part-Time
Duration: 24 weeks
– CompTIA Security+
– CySA+
– Mitigation
– Identification and Assessment
– Reporting Threats
– Information Security Management
– Creating Defenses
– Deployment of countermeasures
– Types of vulnerabilities
– Malware and Firewalls
Data Science Part-Time Online BootcampCost: $8,995 to $10,995
Mode of Learning: Online
Time Period: Part-Time
Duration: 12 to 16 weeks
– Python
– Data Visualization
– Statistics
– Dimensional Reduction
UI/UX Design Part-Time Online BootcampCost: $12,745
Mode of Learning: Online
Time Period: Part-Time
Duration: 24 weeks
– Wireframing
– User Flow
– Personas
– Empathy Mapping
– UX Psychology
– Storyboarding
– Prototyping
– Competitive Analysis
– User Testing and Interviewing
– User Research
– Information Architecture (IA)
Intro to Web Development WorkshopCost: Free
Mode of Learning: Online
Time Period: Part-Time
Duration: 2 to 3 hours
– Frontend Development
– Backend Development
– HTTP (request and response)
– Basic Fundamentals

Is Coding Dojo Worth It?

Yes, Coding Dojo is worth it. There have been positive responses from people who have graduated from their boot camps. About 84% of the graduates got placed in a span of 6 months and about 91% got placed within one year. Graduates have said that the courses are worth the money and this platform is great for specializing in a focused field. There have been mixed reviews regarding the instructors. 50% said that they were helpful and knowledgable while the rest 50% said that they were less competent.

It is great for someone who is completely new to programming and computer science. Many people who want to switch their careers have chosen Coding Dojo and have no regrets.

Payment Options

Mode of PaymentDescription
LoanYou can apply for a loan through Affirm, Climb Credit or Ascent Funding.
UpfrontYou get cost savings if you choose to pay upfront on Coding Dojo.
InstalmentsYou can pay via instalments with Miashare. All the instalment plans have 0% interest on them. Coding Dojo offers plans through Miashare.
ScholarshipsYou can choose Women in Tech, Diversity Scholarship, Career Reinvention and Military Retraining and apply for $1,000 awards. Coding Dojo provides Fresh Start Fun wherein if you’ve been impacted by the pandemic/ earn less than $40,000, you’ll be awarded $1,000 to $1,500.


I. What is Coding Dojo?

An educational technology firm called Coding Dojo provides online and in-person coding boot camps for both new and seasoned programmers. In order to prepare graduates for the workforce, Coding Dojo teaches aspiring computer professionals three development stacks.

II. Is Coding Dojo Accredited?

No, it is not accredited. The US Department of Education’s official accrediting agency has not granted Coding Dojo accreditation. The following state educational regulatory organisations have given Coding Dojo their approval to operate:

  • Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, California
  • Washington State Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board, Washington
  • Illinois Board of Higher Education, Illinois

III. Where are Coding Dojo locations?

  • Coding Dojo Los Angeles, California
  • Coding Dojo Silicon Valley, California
  • Coding Dojo Oakland, California
  • Coding Dojo Arlington, Virginia
  • Coding Dojo Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Coding Dojo Dallas, Texas
  • Coding Dojo Bellevue, Washington
  • Coding Dojo Boise, Idaho
  • Coding Dojo Chicago, Illinois
  • Coding Dojo Orange County, California


So, to sum it up, Coding Dojo is a good boot camp to kickstart your technical journey. It provides online and on-site classes.

Happy Coding!

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