Is Lua Cross-Platform?

Alex Rivers

Are you working on Lua and have this question pop up: Is it cross-platform or not? Are you confused about it? Then fret not; you have reached the right place. This article will help you in finding the answer. Not just that, we will also answer other critical questions that revolve around it.

Let’s dive deep into it.

What is Lua?

Lua is a scripting language that is light-weighted and embeddable. It is multi-paradigm in nature and is also object-oriented, functional, data-driven, and procedural programming. It has been used in several big applications, such as Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom, and also to develop popular games like Angry Birds. It is the most preferred language when it comes to developing online and video games. The gaming industry’s no. 1 programming language.

Is Lua Cross-Platform?

Yes, Lua is a cross-platform scripting language. It is a cross-platform programming language since it is implemented in ANSI C and ANSI C is itself cross-platform. The compiled bytecode interpreter is also in ANSI C. It sits well with C API too, making it efficient to get embedded into applications.

It has been found that Lua can function on different systems that can work across multiple kinds of operating environments and platforms. Just like Java and Python, Lua has shown cross-platform properties.


I. Does Roblox still use Lua?

Yes, Roblox is still using the Lua scripting language. They store and run their codes using Lua. Roblox is popular for using the Lua language. Games like Adopt Me! and Murder Mystery 2 are developed by them.

II. Is Lua used outside of Roblox?

Yes, other developers also embed Lua into their games. The World of Warcraft has Lua embedded in it.

III. Is Lua easier than Python?

The Python programming language inherits the other class’s methods and properties. Although Python may not offer the best support for mobile games and applications, Lua is excellent for game creation. Although Python is more popular and difficult than Lua for beginners, Lua is still simpler than Python.

IV. Is Lua hard to learn?

No, it is actually pretty easy to understand and learn.  Lua is quick, efficient, and simple to learn, use, and integrate into your application. It is an embeddable scripting language. It is utilized for a variety of purposes, including image processing, web applications, and, most importantly, for the development of video games.

V. Does Google use Lua?

Google uses several programming languages for developing its applications. One of them is Lua. So, yes, for some of their application development, Google uses Lua too.


So, to sum it up, Lua is a cross-platform scripting language that is majorly used for game development. A lot of famous games have been developed using Lua like Angry Birds and the World of Warcraft. It is implemented in ANSI C and uses C API for embedding into applications. Some might say that this scripting language is not as popular as other cross-platform programming languages such as Python and Java since they are versatile for developing several applications. That being said, this does not make Lua any less important.

Happy Coding!

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