Is TypeScript Worth It In 2022?

Alex Rivers

TypeScript or TS is a strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript. It is open source and considered object-oriented. Microsoft developed it in 2012, and the main reason for establishing it was to fill the void that JavaScript could not. Some of the code became complex over time; thus, TypeScript came into the picture. In short, TypeScript is JavaScript with syntax for types.

Features of TypeScript

  • TS is a superset of JS- whatever is written in TS starts and ends with JS, with a choice of adding additional components.
  • It provides syntax similar to the Java programming language. It will not be difficult for someone with hands-on experience in Java or any other programming language to understand TS.
  • Runtime errors are comparatively less as errors are pointed out while the code is being written, and type correctness can be checked at compile time. This feature is not found in JS.
  • The TS compiler can compile the .ts files into ES3, ES4, and ES5. This feature of supporting ES6 features makes it a popular choice amongst developers.
  • It supports class-based objects, inheritance, and modifiers, making it object-oriented.
  • TS is used along with Angular.

What makes TypeScript good?

typescript code

TS is considered very reliable. Developers find it easy to rewrite their codes in TS because it detects errors before compilation time. It also supports static typing, which is absent in the case of JS. Along with that, it supports the JS libraries.

With time, TS is growing, and new versions are also releasing. According to The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index, it ranks at the 10th position, making it a popular choice amongst coders. It is so because TS has surpassed some aspects of JS and has helped create a bridge between the complexities that arise on JS’s side. The exciting part is that JS and TS can be interchangeably used.

Big projects like Grafana and TypeScript Deep Dive are written in this programming language. Check them out!

Why should I consider it?

TypeScript has been evolving with time, and the best part is that it delivers better code. It has improved when it comes to compilation, and we have heard from programmers that their experience with it has been extremely smooth.

Also, since we use types in this, writing code will be faster. Your experience will become safer and better with time.

It follows multiparadigm principles, making it apt for object-oriented programming. One can code using inheritance, classes, which have additional features in it, and modifiers. This way, if someone hops from another OOP language, learning TS will become easier. But, this shouldn’t stop someone from learning it even if they have no idea about OOP. We can always learn and grow!

And lastly, and the most critical part, is the quality of the code. Code is easier to read, understand and comprehend, and one can even apply JS’s advanced features to it.

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Is TypeScript easy to learn in 2022?

To learn TypeScript, it is necessary to learn JavaScript first, as it is believed to be an extended version of JS. You will still be learning JavaScript if you directly jump to TypeScript. So, it is best to learn and understand the concepts of JavaScript before you begin. Of course, there will be teething troubles when you start, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it with practice. Try solving problems more on this to understand it better.

Final Thoughts

TypeScript is not challenging to learn and is very smooth to run. We think TypeScript is worth it, and you should give it a shot. It is beginner friendly, so learning it is not a hassle, and it can carry a load of complex codes that can be difficult to write in JavaScript. So, get on the journey of learning TypeScript and have fun! Happy coding!

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