How quickly can you learn SQL for a job?

Alex Rivers

It would not be wrong to say that technology is ruling the world currently. One of the key instruments to absolutely justify this is SQL. SQL is a fourth-generation programming language that is used primarily to communicate with databases. It is like, where there is a database, there’s SQL. Made by IBM in the 1970s as SEQUEL, it was later renamed SQL or the Structured Query Language, it has been one of the most favored skills to learn by modern programmers especially when you wish to land a job in data. Also, its syntax is often deemed to be super easy. With the help of SQL, you can store data much more than Microsoft excel. Once you can learn SQL, you become quite a valuable asset to a company. Today, companies are looking for people with SQL skills to track their databases.

This article looks at the best ways to learn SQL, and how long it might take to grasp the subject.

How quickly can SQL be learned for a job?

The most accepted timeframe to learn SQL is around 14 to 21 days (two to three weeks) generally. Yes, that’s right. SQL is not that tiring a language to learn. This is probably why a lot of programmers prefer attaining SQL skills no matter what. There are a plethora of boot camps that can help you master Structured Query Language within this quick timeframe. After that, you can keep honing and polishing your skills.

Ways to learn SQL

Thanks to the modern technology we have, it is super easy to learn everything. Learning SQL (Structured Query Language) is no exception. If you are someone who envisions having a job related to SQL, there are tons of courses available online. Here are the three ways you can learn SQL.

  1. Online Courses or Tutorials
  2. Books (and practicing side by side)
  3. Videos (online)

1. Online Courses or Tutorials

People, today, are using one of the above-mentioned methods to learn SQL. However, we recommend that you should go for Online Courses or Tutorials. Online Courses tend to structure the learning and preparation of the topic, which books or videos barely can. Check some courses that you can explore to learn SQL.

2. Books (and practicing side by side)

Books are a good source of learning SQL too. If you are someone who loves reading or feels like learning about the topic in detail and in totality, there could not be a better technique than book reading. There are a bunch of really good books that can help you learn and eventually master SQL skills. Needless to say, you need to practice the knowledge once you are done gathering knowledge from books.

3. Videos (online)

Thirdly, videos can also be dubbed a reliable source in order to learn SQL. But, the problem with videos is that a lot of videos are available. Seems like almost everybody is making videos on SQL and other programming languages. You gotta dig deep for the best SQL video which can match your learning style. If you are able to do so, there is nothing like it, honestly.


SQL has been in use for quite a long time. Companies all around the world are looking for people having SQL skills. SQL is comparatively easier to learn as well. Where C++, Java, etc are third-generation programming languages, SQL is a fourth-generation language. Once you master SQL, you can work as a DBA (Database Administrator), Data Scientist, Database Migration Engineer, and a bunch of other roles as well. Also, Companies are offering impressive salaries too. If you are one of those who wish to land a job having SQL as a relevant skill, what are you waiting for?

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