How Good is Java for Web Development?

Alex Rivers

If there is one thing that has become almost an indispensable part of our daily lives, it is undoubtedly the Internet. Web Development is the prominent pillar of the ever-expanding Internet boom. Regarding Web Development, one of the key names that come to our mind is – Java. With all its relevance and prominence in current and upcoming programming, Java never seems to run out of fashion.

Is Java good for Web Development?

Java is a well-renowned language for web development. Having several unique features like readability, easy-to-write procedures, and tremendous capability, Java is one of the most preferred languages today. Java has portability as well as versatility with its built-in tools. As far as Web Development is concerned, Java was one of the languages developed to cater for the same in the early stages.

A substantial number of programmers prefer Java over other options because of its features. One of the critical reasons why coders give Java priority is because it is platform-independent, and Java has an accessible mode of operation. Since Java is a bit older in the series, and several new languages have arrived in the market, some Analysts believe it would be better if you learn a new Language.

Why is Java preferred for Web Development?

Many software applications have been developed using the Java programming language, which is well known and widely utilized. Web development initiatives need scalability, and Java can construct such websites or apps. You needn’t worry about Java’s scalability, unlike other programming languages. Java can manage significant traffic and loads quickly in web development, and it’s easily scalable horizontally and vertically for any project.

1. Java is cross-platform

Java is multiplatform. It works on any OS. It’s great news for developers of Windows and Linux apps. Java will transfer your code to multiple platforms for you. You write Java code once and can use it anywhere. It’s the most powerful language for creating cross-platform apps.

2. Good memory management

Java programming requires memory management. Java’s garbage collector manages memory. Programmers don’t have to constantly monitor when items are no longer used and erase them from memory. It speeds up application development because you don’t have to monitor everything.

3. High-performance multithreading

Java can construct single- and multi-threaded apps. This application is slow since its functions aren’t concurrent. Developers favour multi-threaded programs that let them work in parallel on different threads. One thread may be waiting on another for input, while the other will continue operating as if it didn’t need anything.

The Scope of Web Development

As several analysts have pointed out, Web Development has a massive scope. If you are
someone who dreams of landing a job in this avenue, you made an intelligent decision as it has an
enormous future. But having said that, you need to hone and upgrade your skills at times. The
world has always been and will always be indebted to the Web Development tools for the 360
degree change they have brought. As empowering as it may sound, if you have Java skills, you
have almost every piece of information regarding Web Development, provided you keep updated.

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