How Long Does It Take to Learn Node.js?

Alex Rivers

Node.js is one of the most popular tools among programmers and that does not seem to change any time soon. Since technology and programming are never going to run out of fashion, Node.js is one of the best where you can invest your time and energy on. It is a runtime environment used to run JavaScript outside the browser.

When JavaScript was launched in the year 1995, it was actually a web browser language. It was only after the launch of Node.js, in 2009, that it became feasible to execute JavaScript outside the browser as well.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an asynchronous, open-source, and closed-platform JavaScript runtime environment. Its non-blocking I/O architecture makes it suitable for real-time applications. It uses ‘Single Threaded Event Loop’ architecture that can handle multiple clients at the same time. As a result, it executes the task at a faster rate compared to its Multi-threaded counterparts.

The time needed to learn Node.js

How fast you can learn Node.js considerably depends on your background in a programming language, and how much time you can commit to learning per day.

  • If you are well-versed with JavaScript and have a profound knowledge of programming, then you can learn Node.js in a few days.
  • If you are new to JavaScript but have prior experience in programming, then it would require around two to six weeks for you to master Node.js.
  • And, in case you do not have a background in programming, then it can even be around ten to twelve months also.

What you must learn before starting Node.js

Hence, to put in words, how fast you can learn Node.js boils down to your knowledge of JavaScript, as well as your learning pace, to an extent. But before diving into Node.js, we recommend you to know the following area:

  • Have good know-how of JavaScript.
  • Know how objects and functions work
  • Learn callbacks and how to implement them
  • At least a few popular modules such as express, MySQL, and MongoDB, are used in Node.js web applications

Where to learn Node.js?

To learn Node.js, there are numerous sources available online. If you already have a strong background in JavaScript, then by watching videos on YouTube you can master it. If you are new to JavaScript, then enrolling in paid certification course would make your learning quick and hassle-free. There are many paid courses available online. There are a number of academies online as well as offline where you can learn Node.js. They cater to you with a structural learning practice of the tool.

The bottom line

Node.js is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable skills to have as a full-stack developer. It gained its popularity within a short period and for a good reason. It has become the top priority among developers for building back-end services for their applications, and that indeed makes it an essential skill to learn.

As they say, Skills can literally prove to be ‘make or break’ in your career, you ought to work on them. Node.js has consistently been one of the most demanded skills that recruiters today are seeking all around the world. So, get on the journey of learning SQL. Go for it!

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