How long does it take to learn Typescript?

Alex Rivers

TypeScript is very popular amongst coders. Many JavaScript programmers have started applying TypeScript in their codes. It is mostly used when one has to solve a complex problem that JavaScript might not be able to solve.

TS was designed and developed at Microsoft in 2012, by Anders Hejlsberg, who was the lead architect of C# and creator of Delphi and Turbo Pascal. It was created because JS showed some difficulties while solving big issues. TS also happens to be a superset of JS and that way, one can interchangeably use the two languages.

Before we discuss how long it takes to learn TypeScript, let’s understand some basics about TS and its uses.

Use of TypeScript

TypeScript is an object-oriented, open-source programming language and an extension of Javascript. Syntax and semantics are the same as JavaScript. Here are some important uses and a list of companies which use it:

  • Big tech companies use TypeScript for developing web applications.
  • Google uses it for Google Analytics.
  • It is also used by Slack, Microsoft, Meta and more.
  • It is mainly used for developing both client-side and server-side execution as an extended version of JavaScript.
  • It is a dynamic scripting language and the compiler is itself written in TypeScript and compiled to JavaScript. Also, TS is a modern web development framework.

Here are some critical differences between TS and JS:

  • Static typing is seen in TS as it demands a variable type be explicitly declared and determined at compile time. This is not available in JS.
  • TS is used for complex parts and JS is used to solve the simpler parts of a web program.
  • TypeScript uses the principles of object-oriented programming, which involves the use of classes, interfaces, modifiers and more. It is a multiparadigm language. JS does not have class-based object-oriented programming because it is mostly a prototype-based object-oriented programming language.
  • JavaScript is mostly client-side programming whereas TS is used for both client-side and server-side programming. The TS code gets transpiled to JS during the time of compilation. Transpiling is interpreting one language and converting/translating it to another specified programming language.
  • TypeScript handles the complex parts that JavaScript might not be able to handle. TypeScript can be used with Angular.

How long does it take to learn it?

To learn TS, it is best advised to learn JavaScript first and the OOP concepts. It is important to understand the classes, functions and, most importantly, the types. It might be difficult to learn TS quickly as it requires a deep understanding of the subject. But, this shouldn’t deter your zeal to learn TS! It is actually fun to learn TS.

The time needed to learn TS depends on your existing skill set.

  1. If you are a beginner, it might approximately take 6 months if you give two hours every day to it. It is crucial to know JavaScript’s principles and syntax to start with TypeScript as it is broadly JS only. We suggest understanding the architecture and important aspects of programming for beginners and then jumping to TS.
  2. As someone who has hands-on experience with JS, learning TS will take about a few weeks or a month, depending on your understanding of JS.
  3. Learning the broad concepts for someone with a background in programming will take about 1-2 days.

Here is the documentation from the official TS website on learning the programming language.

There are several places to learn TS from. Here is a list of courses to choose from:

Why should you learn it?

It is trending these days in the web development world. It has made complicated things so simple. It is simply smooth and the code structure has also improved with time. It is an in-demand skill and honing it can help the TS community grow. It can even be an addition to your skill-set and you can create interesting projects using TS.

Final Thoughts

Learning a new skill is always fun and challenging. TS will definitely help you grow in your career and if not just your career, maybe building things using this programming language might actually help you develop personal projects. Do give it a shot. Happy coding!

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