Is SFTP Encrypted and Secure? | 2022 Edition

Alex Rivers

SFTP, is it encrypted or not? Is it secure too? Every day we send a large number of files over the web and the security and protection of these files are necessary. We all know that cybersecurity is of utmost importance in today’s time and securing your data is a must. It should be your number one priority. Lately, compliance management has also been placed and all the compliance regulations are strictly followed in order to protect data.

In this article, we shall dive deep into understanding if SFTP is encrypted or not.

What is SFTP?

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. It is a type of client-server protocol that is used for the transmission of huge data and files over the internet. It is a successor of FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is also built on it.

It involves security components like the SSH, which is the Secure Shell. SFTP and SSH were developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force or the IETF. SFTP comes into the picture when any kind of data needs protection. There can be severe consequences if the transmitting data is not protected.

Is SFTP Encrypted and Secure?

Everything transferred over the SSH data stream is encrypted by the SFTP. So, yes, SFTP is encrypted. If an outside intervention tries to intercept the transmitting data, the data becomes hard to read because of the encryption. From the beginning part of the transmission to the endpoint, the data remains protected. That way, we can say that SFTP is also secure.



I. Why Is SFTP So Widely Used?

SFTP helps in securing a large amount of data that is transmitted every second on the web. It is crucial to protect these data from any kind of threat and vulnerability. It is important to keep it safe from any kind of hacking. Exposed data can create issues and even ruin people’s lives.

II. Is SFTP Encrypted by Default?

Yes, it is always encrypted. FTP supports both kinds of encryption – explicit encryption, as well as, implicit encryption.

III. What Can Be Done to Make Sure My SFTP Server Is Secure?

Here are the following things one can do to make sure that their SFTP is safe and secure:

  • Use very strong encryption like the AES-256 or the SHA-2. Always use modern encryption.
  • For external access, use file and folder security. For internal access, use folder security.
  • IP whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • Use firewalls.
  • Make your SFTP server stronger.
  • Certificate-based authentication for other users.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • SIEM logging integration.

IV. Can SFTP be hacked and intercepted?

It is tough to crack open the SFTP. It is very strong to be intercepted. You can ensure security if you keep the firewalls up-to-date and have only genuine versions of it.

V. What is the difference between SFTP and FTPS?

FTPS is used for adding a layer of encryption with the help of TLS and SSL. SFTP, on the other hand, is by default fully-encrypted.


To sum it up, the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is encrypted and secure. Hacking it can be difficult since it is very strong but stay vigilant and never take data security lightly.

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