Is Flutter good for web development?

Alex Rivers

Flutter has been used as a good option for Web Development. Having a tag of newer technology compared to its counterparts, Flutter has been proved to be quite an effective tool for Web Development. Flutter has been around for four years now, and it seems like a good time to look at it and see how it’s doing and how good it is for Web Development.


Flutter is a cross-platform framework put out by Google initially for mobile development. Released in 2017 and opened for use in 2018, Flutter has been one of the renowned names for Web Development. In this, you write your flutter code using a dart programming language and using Dart, you will be able to create mobile web apps for android and iOS with just one codebase, and that is undoubtedly a significant advantage. It allows developers to create cross-platform apps using the same codebase. The code base supports platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, ChromeOS and several others. Ever since its release, it has been quite a popular
tool among developers.

How does it work?

The answer is simple: it compiles your code in the background for you. You write your app in Dart, and Flutter takes care of the rest — it compiles your code into native code for android and iOS, then packages it into an APK or IPA file that can be installed on your device or submitted to the App Store/Play Store.

Merits of Flutter

Here are some reasons to prefer Flutter for the web:

  1. One of the reasons why Flutter is preferred a lot these days is its usability, and it is easy to build your flutter application for the web.
  2. Built-in animation framework: Flutter comes with a powerful and flexible animation library that makes it easy to express motion and add character to your app.
  3. Hot reload: Hot reload allows you to update code while your app runs on a device or emulator. This means that you can avoid having to restart your app each time you make a change.
  4. Flutter is ideal for when you want to build an app that looks beautiful on all devices without incurring the engineering overhead of maintaining multiple codebases.
  5. It’s fast. Flutter code compiles to ARM or Intel machine code and JavaScript for fast performance on any device.
  6. No plugins are required: Flutter uses an intermediate language called Dart that automatically compiles down to native code for each platform. This means that there is no overhead from running a plugin in the background that needs to be updated every time there is an update to your application.
  7. Flutter web for developer portfolio is authentic and consistent. A developer focusing on app and web development with Flutter can create a website with flutter web. It can give any person visiting the portfolio a first-hand experience of their flutter skills without even having them look at other projects.

This includes a little bonus for those who haven’t got that many projects to work to show already because the website itself is a showcase and reference of your flutter skills.

Demerits of Flutter

As they say, it is essential to look at both sides of the coin. The same idea goes for technology and programming as well. With some of the pros of Flutter, it is vital to know the cons of using it, too, before actually getting started with it.

Following are some ‘Not Ideal’ features of Flutter for Web Development:

  • The main disadvantage of using Flutter for web development is that you have to use the Dart language, and you will have to learn new syntaxes if you want to become a Flutter developer.
  • Not as mature as other frameworks (although the community is constantly growing)
  • Flutter web also has some disadvantages, especially in terms of SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) and performance compared to your standard web development kit.
  • So, if you are planning for online marketing using Flutter, it will not be an ideal choice.
  • Another disadvantage is that it might lose compared to giant technologies like JavaScript or C. This could pose some problems or obstructions; otherwise, Flutter has usually been rated a good tool for Web Development.

The Bottom Line

Flutter has been a significant milestone of success and usability recently. It has been one of the tools
for Web Development, which ever since its release in the year 2017, has been one of the
most preferred tools of programmers all around the globe. The use of Flutter depends on what kind of work you are doing. If you want to build a simple website, then using Flutter is a great choice.

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